Orior 9 Saturday End of Day Blog Post

Breaking News! We found a specific goal we want to achieve.

The first lecture one member went to was Refugee Health in Philadelphia which was similar to yesterday’s session of refugee health, but today the highlights in our notes that we share on google drive is mental health. For example, in on K-8 school they had 3 attempted suicides from the resettled immigrants. This just goes to show how important mental health should be during displacement or assimilation.

Lecture that gave one team member a revelation

Another lecture one member went to was Essentials of Survival and the Humanitarian Charter which was interesting because it laid out the things that humans need. It really helped our team with the development of our idea. Our member really got some good ideas from listening to this lecture.


The last lecture one member went to called Empathy in Design was also a relevant workshop to attend. Our idea focuses on mental health and so some of the slides were really helpful. It also was useful to learn how to diagram.

After the lectures, our team met up and we kept brainstorming.

Then for our read-out some parts of our idea got junked. So after we debriefed the read-out and figured out who is doing what. We all went through what we would need to do and what we want to work on. We made a scheduled meeting time for tomorrow.

When you look at the screen for too long and you want to give up

When you can’t anymore