Today we began with attending a workshop which was recommended to us by our advisors yesterday. It was a presentation by a refugee who had survived floods in India. It helped us to understand her situation and asking her some questions helped us realize minute details we could include in our product. One of the most helpful tips was the addition of a radio in the safety kit. Suraksha told us how the local radio was the first source of information they got once they reached a shelter. At the end of the workshop Suraksha agreed to give us her feedback about our product too which would help us with getting a testimony from a victim of natural disasters.

Next we attended a workshop on Empathy in Design. It told us about the most critical features in coming up with a product design.

At the end we checked in back with our advisors. We looked more into companies that have tracking systems to help with our product. One of the main questions we had were do we want to create the tracking technology or use the ones that already exist and create a package that is our unique idea. The advisors recommended using the technology that exists and maybe develop on it at a later stage. We also made the product goal more oriented towards helping NGO’s help people. Tracking victims in time and save lives. They also recommended making the tracking process two fold. The first trigger send coordiantes and include an extra alarm in the kit that indicates the victim requires immediate help. Our biggest challenges are to find the most cost effective tracking technology and pin down an estimated cost for the entire kit.