Novo 1: Domingo, here we go!

Novo 1 began Sunday afternoon with their eyes on the prize. A poster had to be made, T-shirts had to be printed, and more excellence had to be achieved. More pizza also had to be consumed, and we were more than up to the challenge of that.

As the afternoon wore on and the poster layout took shape, the team engaged in a brief modeling shoot to demonstrate their product in action. Valentina continued to dazzle audiences with her Photoshop skills and sassy wit, and Mike tried to draw a T-shirt but it was actually a mushroom.

The afternoon’s festivities culminated with the completion of Novo 1’s poster, a graphic design triumph that could surely break Instagram. At the very least, it was better than Valentina thought it was.

Throughout the duration of NexusMaximus, Novo 1’s team’s powers combined to be greater than their individual values, and each member contributed in their own way. Mike made the sales pitches and facilitated discussion, Valentina used her graphic design skills to bring our ideas to life, and Brian came up with ideas and wrote amazing blog posts.

As the sun sank into the Western sky of East Falls once again, Novo 1 knew that even if they did not win the competition on Monday, they had already won the gift of new knowledge and friendships that would last a lifetime.