Ductus 3 (Ductus Tapus)

Ductus Tapus met immediately after the introductory ceremony and began brainstorming ideas right out the gate.  Because of the migration crisis currently affecting the world, we were intrigued by the possibility of exploring ways with dealing with dealing with this crisis in a unique and previously unexplored direction. We decided to come up a solution to the living situations that the refugees are dealing with while in legal limbo, more specifically how to create a better sense of community by having those in the camps contribute to the well-being of their fellow residents.  Through multi-disciplinary collaboration, we were able combine our expertise in order to create a community-type environment in the most comfortable and healthy way we could conceive. It evolved from creating a particular space for a singular family unit to live in a stress-reducing environment to alleviate their traumatic experiences, to an all-encompassing solution that redefines the concept of a refugee camp. We had a bit of difficulty getting to a conclusion as to how it would be constructed, so we decided that utilizing existing technologies collaborating with Ikea and using their refugee shelter as template for our structures. This made it easier to think about the economics and logistics of the creation of this community. It also allowed us to think more about the well-being of the residents as opposed to stressing over design.