Ductus 3: Day 2

After meeting with our advisors after day one, we got a clearer image of what we should really set our focuses on. Our team tends to be a little over ambitious in what we want to accomplish and the advisors have been helping to bring us back down to Earth and really set our focus on what we can achieve within our given time constraints.

Today we met mid morning and got straight to work on narrowing our focus and finding research that could really help drive our project forward. We read articles and watched a few videos together to make sure we really had a grasp on the topic we were handling about refugees what the awfully long processes they have to go through which leaves them misplaced for, in most cases, years (and with no work).

We then split up into our tasks, some of us doing research, others preparing for the presentation. We started making a list of all of that we have composed so far and made a few options for board layouts. When it came time to talk to the advisors again, we were told that we were taking things way too far again. They told us to understand that we are working on a proposal, not a completed project. Back to the drawing board on how to narrow down our ideas even more. We all agreed though that it is better to have too much information and to cut it down, rather than having to somehow gather more. We also don’t want all of our hard work to go to waste and unnoticed, so day 3 will consist of finding that happy medium in order for a successful presentation on Monday that the whole team is proud of.