Saturday, Sept 9th, 2017

Team Members: Anna, Sarah, Erica, Suraksha, Gaby

Today was a really productive and informative day for our team! Some of the workshops held today were very unique and eye-opening. For example, our own team member, Suraksha Chandrasekhar, spoke at her own workshop, A Personal and Professional Reflection. She described what it meant and what it was like to be temporarily displaced from home due to a tsunami that destroyed much of her city. Listening to her was a very important experience because you don’t often get to hear a first-hand recollection of being a refugee. This helps put everything into perspective and it is much better than listening to countless statistics. It is much easier to achieve the empathy that is needed for a project like this when you hear a personal recollection rather than hearing outside information. The second workshop that was attended was Barry J. Burton’s Essentials of Survival and the Humanitarian Charter. This workshop was important in the sense that it outlined human needs aside from oxygen, food, water, and shelter. Burton explained that we need to think about long-term solutions that will help refugees construct an actual community and hopefully reach what Maslow called “self-actualization.” The workshops that are being held throughout the days here really help to steer your thinking into the right direction and they get you to consider things that hadn’t even occurred to you before. As for our personal progress, we feel very confident in our idea and in the possibilities it holds. We believe that it is extremely realistic and has the potential to be extremely beneficial and sustainable.