orior iv day ii

Orior 4’s rise to the competition today began at around 11:30pm. Today’s main objective was to narrow down from our four initial product concepts. Those concepts consisted of: a.) connecting refugees to citizens of a country via a social networking web/app platform, b.) refugee shelter that can be easily assembled, that is portable, can generate electricity, and allow refugees to have gardens to grow food, c.) web platform that can send pictures of the individuals to other camps in an effort to reconnect families, and d.) web platform that informs incoming refugees of resources that are available/ navigation of area.

After doing more demographic research, we analyzed the different refugees in a variety of regions like, Syrian, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Israeli and came to the defining of what our project is. We decided to consolidate concepts a, c, and d in the attempt to create a social networking that’s goals are to: establish connection between citizens of countries and displaced individuals, establish a connection between citizens, refugees, and charitable organizations, and to establish a knowledge base of a country’s resources to an incoming displaced individual. All in an effort to encourage people to donate and help benefit the lives of thousands of innocent lives that have suffered from war and/or environmental conflicts.

Orior 4 also defined each team member’s role. Anthony and Aubrey’s roles as designers are to contribute to the concept development of the product and design of the platform. Bennett, Mismilad, and Anna are concept developers and key researchers whose information will be crucial to justifying our products value proposition. Winston is a concept developer and primary project documentarian.

From Orior 4, that is all for now.