Orior 8 Day 1

Orior 8 team members were all present at the kickoff this morning. Dana Sweeny- Interior Architecture, Christina Austin-Masters in Occupational Therapy, Alexander Tholl- Industrial Design, and Christoph Bornhardt- Web Development. After attending two of the seminars held at 11 am we split up into two’s and participated in two more seminars. We reconvened at 2 pm and made a trip to show our new friend from Chile the best cheesesteak shop. We got back to campus at 3 and sat down to discuss what we had gathered from the seminars we had attended. We started brainstorming and ideating to figure out what we were all interested in covering regarding the refugee crisis. Through stakeholder maps and reflection we felt that we could make a big impact in bridging the gap of radio/cell communication in the camps. We found that the largest refugee camp held over 300,000 people, almost none had a connection to what they had left behind. We wanted them to regain some of their freedom that is associated with cell phones, computers, etc. We came up with the idea of drones that connect the camps to the cell tower by creating a metaphorical bridge between the two. The drone would be capable of having 2 terabytes of storage to give roughly 5 megabytes to every individual in the camp of over 300,000. We met with Orior leaders at the end of the day to discuss our progress. With some positive feedback and remarks, we know tomorrow will start off with further research!