Orior 7 Daily Blog Post 9/9/17

While we had a general topic chosen yesterday, today we focused on a way to make all of our different ideas come together into one service. We began by generating a chart that clearly notates what our service embodies and the different categories that need assistance for refugees.

Overall, we are looking to create a non-profit organization that comfortably integrates the refugees into an existing community so they can resettle instead of living in the harsh conditions of a camp. We wanted to showcase our ideas in a way that can spark emotion and a relationship between both the citizens of America and the refugees, which we understood more on how to do that through the Empathy in Design workshop held.

In the Essentials of Survival and the Humanitarian Charter workshop, we noticed that multiple points were brought up that we wanted to touch base on in our service. For example, we briefly talked about the technological hazards that can be caused indirectly by man, meaning that machines or things that people build have malfunctions and that can end up ‘creating’ more refugees, which was a different view on the topic. With this in mind, the speaker, Barry J. Burton, made a point which we may know but don’t even think about that often: in our world a disaster is only a disaster when it affects human population and gave the example of deforestation and if a huge amount trees fell but no one is there to see it, is it considered a natural disaster if no one saw it and it did not affect anyone?

After the talks, we met and drew models to get to our idea and be able to describe it in a simpler way so that we could write it on the board easier. This process is shown in the pictures below and after this we started to construct the mock-up website on InDesign and simultaneously, others were writing on the Google Drive.