Orior 7 Daily Blog Post 9/8/17

While collaborating today, we decided to aim our focus towards a program that resettles refugees into a modern American society. With this in mind, we wanted to provide an integration between refugee and American citizens through different trade opportunities, that way the born-and-raised citizens can gain assistance while the refugees are able to have a sense of purpose in a community and showcase their skills that they had from their home country. During the brainstorming session, we used a system called the “5 Why’s” that we learned through one of the leaning workshops that really helped us understand what we wanted to create/design and also narrowing down into the specifics of what each framework needed. Incorporating sustainability is also something that we see as important for our program after we visited the Integral Sustainable Approaches workshop because while we intend to benefit the people involved with this proposal, the environment around them can also be used as an asset (for example, generating a community-based garden that refugees can take care of and grow produce) and help with a self-sustaining system for the neighborhood. During the Refugee Health workshop, we also understood the many needs that refugees are looking for and how we can accommodate them in our culture. They want to be a part of our society while still keeping their original roots, so focusing on a system that allows the refugees to become a part of our culture and have a sense of purpose through job opportunities, housing accommodations, etc. will give them the chance to start over in a new life after being driven out of their home country.