Novo Team 2 Day 2 Post

During today´s workshops, we learned that there are basic “essential” needs that need to be addressed in a humanitarian crisis. We can´t forget that displaced or refugee people are humans. Basic needs are food, water, sanitation, safety, and security. Once these basic needs are addressed we can set other priorities and try to stabilize the situation.

We also learned that humanitarian crisis are very complex and preparedness plays a big role. Immediate help is not always available. So people need to be prepared to survive the first 72 hours in some cases. It is important to create people situation awareness and provide them with basic survival skills, as to how to do go bag. In a Tsunami video that was played, it was really impressive to see how people were really calm while the sea was already in front of them. Sometimes people don´t realize the real danger they are facing.

After the workshops, we gather and we discuss what we learned in the different workshops. After getting the most important from it, we continued working on our project using some of the techniques exposed in the presentations. We narrow our project, we defined our users, our personal goals, our project goals and we start working on the possible solutions to achieve our project goals.

After the advisor’s feedback, we identify that we had some points that needed to be clarified in our project. At the moment we are trying to find a way to address these challenges and we continue with our teamwork effort !!!

Nova 2