Ductus 1

When given the prompt, our group was bouncing around an exorbitant amount of topics, places, and ideas. As a group of one health science major, one industrial design major, one interior design, and two occupational therapy grad students, we were all over the place with our background knowledge and skills. We first started by individually working and researching information about refugees regarding our specific majors. The topic of short term and long term care among refugees was our first vague idea. However, as the day went on, we moved from refugees to displaced populations. Going off of that, we found countless articles regarding natural disasters and with the current hurricane quickly approaching Florida, we thought we had something we could work with. It took us until we talked to a few professors and showed them our concept that we could figure out what exactly we were going to do regarding displaced populations with natural disasters. We finally decided on implementing a child care service for after natural disasters’ needs  because children are more susceptible to being displaced or becoming a refugee. Tomorrow, our plan is to find the most important problems and services offered about child care programs to see what we can do or what solution can be formed.