Orior IV Day I


Latin, verb

  1. I rise, get up.
  2. I appear, become visible.
  3. I am born, come to exist, originate.

That about sums it up. To elaborate:

Today was a busy day for Orior IV!

Our group came into existence at around 10:30 this morning. Though some of us were juggling Nexus Maximus with classes or extracurricular commitments, we all did our best to attend as many workshops as possible and use the information we got from those to feed our discussion. Of particular interest to our group was the presentation on refugee health by Marc Altshuler. The idea of creating a system to help refugees arriving in the US find the resources they need quickly and efficiently was inspiring for us.

Our group was truly cemented in front of a whiteboard, laying out problems and potential solutions. All ideas were given consideration. Multiple concepts made it to our faculty meeting. Our attitude toward the first day was that it was more important to generate ideas and learn about the situation than it was to eliminate ideas that didn’t measure up. There will be time for that soon enough.

Although one of our group members has participated in NexMax before, for the rest of us, this was a new experience. It was fun to start with a broad problem and watch how our ideas grew from that soil, borrowing from and reacting to each other. Hopefully, with subsequent days will come an even higher level of collaboration.


We’re all looking forward to tomorrow!