Novo 1 Day 1 “Nexus Maximus: and So it Begins”

Novo 1 began the day eager to find out what lay ahead of us. Our extremely creative, attractive, and charming team began our mission in the gymnasium, where we received the instructions that would shape our destiny for the weekend, and perhaps forever…

The sun’s morning rays guided us to the DEC center for our first team workshop, where we showcased our amazing cup-stacking and softball-balancing skills.

Next, we moved to our secret hideout in room 202 (oops, not a secret anymore!) to begin hatching our plan. Within moments, we had so many good ideas we had to stop for a morning snack to refuel. While some other groups were intimidated by the kiwi grapes at the table, we bravely ate them, and they were delicious.

Next, three of us attended a sustainability workshop, and laughed the loudest of anyone at the car commercials. One of our members ventured out on her own, to a talk about human-centered design.

Finally, having grown stronger than ever before with our new knowledge, our team reassembled in DEC 201 (our other secret hideout) and further defined our amazing project ideas. No one–not even us–knew what incredible things we would think of tomorrow, but we could not wait to find out.


p.s. In case you were wondering, we are working on a project to deal with language barriers in refugee populations