Innovo Day 3

We decided that the problem we are trying to solve is that children have a very difficult time understanding information about their health. The goal of this game was to help educate children on how to become more proactive in their health-mentally, physically and emotionally.  We do this by engaging the children in playing a video game that is both fun and informative, at a level they are able to comprehend. We want to introduce this game to an open market for kids and their families, as well as hopefully introduce these games to waiting rooms of doctors’ offices, and even to elementary schools.

In today’s group session, we finalized the plans for our video game, HealthVenture. We came up with five levels for our video game, including a level about allergies, feelings, nutrition, medicine, and injuries. In our allergy level, we have 6 different games which teach children about different allergens and how to deal with them. These interactive games include topics such as pollen, bees, animals, food, allergic reactions and epi-pens, in which your avatar can go around and discover pieces of knowledge from each of these topics. In the game “Help Ella”, the player has to help Ella the Elephant deal with her pollen allergy by getting her a box of tissues so she does not feel so congested. When the kids beat this level, they will unlock a journal entry that explains a fact about pollen allergies to children, and how to manage that pollen allergy.