Day 3 – Orior 6

We approach the last day with a great sense of purpose as we finalize our designs for our project. Upon meeting with our group earlier in the day, we focused the targeted demographic to individuals with diabetes as it has one the highest prevalence among patients visiting the emergency room. We brainstormed ways in which we can reach this demographic to reduce emergent visits to the hospital. We settled on a kiosk where a diabetic individual can approach it to measure their blood glucose levels and opt to receive an insulin injection at convenient locations such as a local pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens. The kiosk would have a large touchscreen with a camera at the top and a scale on the bottom. The patient can show their insurance card at the camera so the kiosk can have access to necessary information such as height, weight, insulin prescription, and their primary healthcare provider’s contact information. This information, in addition to the scale at the bottom to measure the patient’s weight, will be used to administer the correct dose of insulin to the patient. The kiosk will ask the patient if they wish to send their blood glucose levels and insulin administered to their healthcare provider for possible follow-up. This will be important as part of proper management of this disease will include involvement of their healthcare provider. As sterility and comfort is important in the design, we incorporated the use of rotating plastic covers and UV light to sterilize areas where patients will contact, included proper needle disposal, and an automated height adjustable arm rest. We also thought of how this technology can be extended to other uses such as vaccines, in particular the flu vaccine. This can be great in increasing the number of vaccinated individuals against the flu.