Orior 6 – Day 2

I began my day by waking up at 10:00am and getting ready to go to the first workshop of the day. I went to the “Developing the Design Brief” in the DEC center. The workshop was very interesting because it had a huge focus on sustainability and being green. The professor opened my eyes to a number of things including equality vs equity, and how people, profit and the planet join together to form the triple bottom line. He really emphasized that our projects should benefit people without harming the environment. After participating in the workshop and taking notes, I grabbed some lunch and met up with the rest of my group. We then started going over our ideas again and narrowing our focus to one specific problem. We had some great ideas but they were too general to attack. We had to pinpoint our studies to one particular group of people. Our goal for this project is to stop frequent flyers from coming into emergency rooms. To get a better understanding of our project, we actually took a visit to a real emergency room not too far from the school. We were allowed access to the waiting room to gather educational materials. We took these materials because we needed to see how the hospital was educating their patients about at home diagnostics. We didn’t find much. Before we made a decision to pursue, we had a brief meeting with three professors. They seemed very interested in our ideas but told us that we really needed to narrow our focus, which we already knew. They suggested that we focus on the elderly. Through our research we found that the elderly are the biggest demographic for this study. We then continued to come up with possible solutions. Today we came close to the brink of finalizing our idea to move forward with.img_0320 img_0318 img_20160910_162214 img_20160910_162438 img_20160910_162219