Orior 3 day 2

We originally had an idea of having a service where people can find information about side effects of medicine and look for alternative treatments. After we talked with Mike Leonard we realized that they were two different problems and so we decided to change the topic. Our new problem is this: Doctors can prescribe medication and diet changes but they cannot really know if the patient is following those prescriptions and because of this they cannot react fast enough if the patient slips. We decided to focus on a smaller part of the problem: patients who had a heart attack and that have to change their lifestyle habits. Now we are working on a solution that allows them to easily track what they eat so their doctor (or possibly some other medical professional, for example a dietitian) can see how they are doing and react if they are slipping. Our goal is to make the tracking so easy to do that the patients can easily do it without feeling overwhelmed. This means that we can’t ask the patient to tell us everything about what they ate (exact amounts of ingredients and calories) but instead we have to focus on the most important questions.
After we get our solution to work well with heart attack patients we can expand it to also help patients with other diseases.img_20160910_131309