Ductus3 Sunday Blog

Our group decided to meet this morning to go over any additional thoughts and ideas we thought of the night before. This kind of turned out to be an everyday routine for us because it was a good brainstorming activity and good collection of ideas we have no previously mentioned. This morning in particular we definitely refined our idea even more and went deep into the various aspects and functions of our possible solution.


Previously, we still were unsure of what exactly we wanted our solution to be but after talking with the faculty yesterday, we took the night to think about it and come to any final ideas. This morning when we met, we went over again what he faculty advisors told us and made some final changes to our solution.


Throughout the day, a few of our members went to work on the design and layout of our poster and logo while another member attended a workshop on how to present our idea. The design team was able to come up with some great logos and designs for our solution and poster, while the workshop attendee was able to obtain valuable information about the presentation of solution. Some of the information that was provided at the workshop was to keep the presentation simple, human, and short. Also an important aspect is to make sure the you consider the audience’s understanding and context.
The faculty advisors gave us some more very valuable insights for our presentation and solution. After our meeting with them, we are feeling pretty confident about our presentation tomorrow.

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