Ductus 8, Days 1 and 2

Day 1:

  • Team Members:

Greg Dawson (g49dawson@gmail.com), Accounting, First Year Student

Salwa Rasheed (salwa.rasheed21@gmail.com), Textile Design, Graduate Student

Shweta Pant (shwetasaketh@gmail.com), Surface Imaging, Graduate Student

Anna Kuriakose (akuriakose44@gmail.com), Physician Assistant, Third Year Student

Gabby Karlis (gabbykarlis@gmail.com), Industrial Design, Third Year Student

Sarah, Interior Architecture, Graduate Student


  • Summary:

Today we attended 3 workshops. Greg attended the “Collaborating on Multidisciplinary Teams” workshop. This was a hands on workshop which involved lots of teamwork. We had to build a stack of cups only using some pipe cleaners and a rubber band. Another activity we did was we had to create a free stand to hold a golf ball or softball as high as possible using a cup, paper, spoon, and some other odd objects/materials. This had a time limit and we discovered how time plays an important role in a problem/topic and also discovered that a fallback option should always be there in case we run out of time. So overall this involved teamwork, coordination, ideas/creativity, time management, and a fallback option if we were to fail (run out of time).

Anna attended the workshop on “Genetics and Healthcare: an overview” which went into detail about scientific advances in the field of genetics. Professor Klemens spoke about the Genome Project and how the cost of exploring one’s genome has gone down significantly. He also spoke about the different branches of genetics such as Pharmacogenetics and Translational Medicine.

Gabby attended a workshop on “Evidence based design in the healthcare setting, patient empowerment, telemedicine & patient information” which had a some basic key points on overview of positive distractions, sense of control, access to information, and giving empowerment to someone who is essentially helpless.


Day 2:

  • Summary

The team met in DEC to gather ideas and finalize on one best idea. After a long brainstorming session, we decided to work on “Public Health”. We aim to design a simple yet affordable water filtration system for people in Sudan. Water borne diseases is a serious issue and clean drinking water is a basic human right. We are designing a product that can filter the micro organisms and bacteria from water which can be installed at a common water collection point or water distribution system in a particular area. We hope to add a data component to this by being able to come up with a way to have these filters also test the quality of the water and then be sent to a place like the CDC.


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