DUCTUS 7 Day 2 Blog Entry

Chenchen’s experience ( other member will share their experience tomorrow)

Today our group went to some workshops and we meet with each others. We came up with great ideas this afternoon base on the feedback that we got from the meeting with team leaders yesterday. We thought we are on the right track and we are improving our ideas.

Base on those feedback yesterday, we make our plan more desirable, and try to really think what would be the apps that a customer really needs. We make our apps more attractive to all generations of people. We hope by using this kind of apps, people can have more motivation on their personal fitness and health care. Also, we are trying to connect personal fitness with doctor suggestions and monitoring to give people more personal suggestions base on different individuals’ situations. That would make people have a more specific plan instead of those common suggestions, like you need to run 3 miles everyday.

We found that rewarding would be a very difficult part to design, because it should be both attractive and meaningful. We need to be careful on this part of designing to avoid the situation of people may take advantage of those rewarding but they didn’t actually do the exercises they were suggested to do. Also, base on this afternoon’s feedback, we are planning to focus on some specific segments of people. Like, some people are during the period of recovery of after surgery. This segment of people may not have too many, but people under this kind of segments are the one really need some special planning to help them on their recovery.

Overall, I think our concept is great and it may be the one that can really help someone and we have strong confident that we are on the right track to form our posters.