Daily Blog Entry, Day 2 CREO TEAM 5

At the end of day 2, Creo Team 5 has had a lot of progress. We developed our product, the medicine kiosk, further and have a great idea of what our product is.

Our product is essentially a kiosk for finding medicine. Placed in a pharmacy or grocery store, the medicine kiosk would allow you to input your symptoms or sickness, and it would output the recommended medication you should take (taking into account how long you’ve been sick, gender, age, and the severity of your illness.) The kiosk would then allow you to choose from the top three choices that match the illness. The kiosk would offer generic brands for price savvy people, doctor reviews of the medication itself, and the correct dosage of each to better help the customer decide. After choosing your best fit, the kiosk would spit out a “receipt” with a picture of the label, the location of said medication in the store, as well as a disclaimer informing the customer not to use the medication based on any allergens or pre-existing medical conditions that contrast with this drug specifically. The customer would then be free to pick up their package, and purchase it at the register. There will be no tender transaction at the kiosk itself, and the kiosk will only have over the counter medications.

This Kiosk is to save sick customers expensive trips to the doctor for potentially mild illnesses, as well as waiting in line to refer to a pharmacist. It’d take out the middle man and allow you to see exactly which medications can help make you feel better, but give you the power to choose which one fits your budget and makes you feel the most comfortable to use through real doctor reviews of the medicine you’re looking to purchase.


The highlights of today’s lectures taught us about the best way to present our presentations with the most helpful information. In response to what we learned, we’ll be sending out surveys to different focus groups to hopefully get a perspective on how the public would respond to our product. Tomorrow we’ll be starting the presentation process of collecting our research and displaying it onto the boards. We’ve worked well coming up with new ideas and progressing to our end product.