Collaboratus 7 Day 2

imageAfter narrowing it down to two ideas yesterday, our team focused on researching both of them to achieve relevant data. We found some very interesting information about the current ways that first responders deal with non-English speaking people. Some of the tools such as communication cards and over the phone translators had very obvious flaws in reliability and timliness. We also learned that situations that require these tactics happen quite frequently. Our device will hold a translating data collection downloaded onto it, so communications can happen instantly without any cell phone service. Our other idea of making long term hospital patients’ rooms customizable hit a wall. Upon talking to our advisors, we all decided to focus on the translation method because it is a real world issue that could be improved greatly to help save lives. Members of our team are going to interview paramedics to see how they feel about the current situation and if they would like to see improvements. Some of the workshops we attended today gave us insight into how to pursue our goals in a timely fashion. We will continue research and start working on product development ideas tonight. We are excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Workshop Highlights

1.Essential Market Research Tools and Techniques for a Sprint Design Challenge

-Developing ways to interview potential people to find out their needs and wants.

-The key factors that go into a successful marketing process.

2.Collaborative Solutions and the Sharing Economy

-Positive Social impacts that companies can have on communities.

-The possibilities of alternate currency systems.


-How to create a product that meets specific human needs.

-Ways to recreate solutions to poor ergonomic designs.