Collaboratus 5 Day-2

Day 2 – Nexus Maximus III

After an exciting commencement to Nexus Maximus III, we were all eager to witness the events of day two. The second day had many workshops in the store for us to attend and learn from the exceptional delivery. Our day began with a seminar that read, ‘An Active Mind, an Active Voice’. It was then followed by another workshop ‘Scripting Personal Health: Innovations Across East Asian Languages’. Here, the emphasis on understanding foreign language, script, and its relationship to technology which is vital to any global enterprise. We also worked on few case studies putting our thinking hats on to deliver solutions.

The next session worth mentioning was where we brainstormed as a group over some areas to work on a project. The topic which intrigued us was ‘Technology and disaster preparedness and response’. A prototype of this project was then created by us taking us a step closer towards the final objective. We are working on an idea that will inspire the younger generation to embrace social life and be healthy instead of being slaves of technology.

Finally, in the last session of the day we attended the workshop, ‘Ergonomics in Healthcare’ in which we were introduced to the importance of ergonomics in healthcare environments and technology. We learnt how medical equipment and technology blended together can do wonders for the healthcare systems.

It was indeed a fitting day for an experience that would be long etched in our memories. Needless to say, we learned a lot and look forward to the third day for I am certain it would do justice to the event and help us end this 3 days’ event on a high note.


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