Collaboratus 1 (AKA Number 1!) day 3

Collaboratus 1 is still on a roll. We has another great day together. During the morning we wrapped our final thoughts to present at 16 o’clock. Later we attended the lectures to get some more good information on how to present our idea. Good tips and info were applied to out poster design. We printed out two versions of the poster, so we could get some feedback on which one worked best.


img_20160911_173230 img_20160911_164106

We went on to present the idea and got great feedback, but also some great pointers on things that weren’t working so well with our design. We also made plenty of questions on how we could best make our pitch tomorrow.

All in all, we were pretty pleased with the feedback we got and continue feeling really strong about our concept.

We continued the day by applying the feedback given to us to the poster and to the pitch text. We’re deciding who will start with the pitch, who will answer what possible questions and finding out the best way to wrap it all up.

Now we now all we are supposed to do, so only a few things left to do before tomorrow. Finish up the poster design and plot it, and fine-tune the pitch text.


It’s been another really interesting day on our team, we have a lot of fun working together and it actually doesn’t really seem like work at all. Constant exchange of ideas, brainstorming and a relaxed attitude. Everyone pitches in and everyone helps each other out. Great!