Saturday Blog Post Creo 3

Today the group came together and came up with an idea that is an attempt to provide students and faculty with an incentive to want to eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis. The problem we want to address is the fact that a lot of the foods students are eating on a daily basis may be processed, unhealthy, and not the type of brain foods that will benefit anyone much. While there are some healthy options at the PhilaU dining halls, most students and faculty will tend to go for the fried/oily foods which are not really ideal for a healthy diet. We began brainstorming and came up with an PhilaUPhit! An app which uses a reward system based off of how healthy you can be! In this app, all students and faculty would be able to sign in through their normal PhilaU username and password. This would eliminate all of the hassle of creating an account which can be a deal breaker for some. The general idea of the app is that every day you wakeup with an incentive to want to post a picture of a healthy meal because then you will achieve 15 “likes”, which are opportunities to give someone a Ram point for that day. As other people post their own healthy meals, you will then be able to gain Ram points from them through the number of like you acheive.If you can reach the daily or weekly goals of steps (Measured through the app) and ram points you will receive prizes or coupons that can be used at specific places on campus and maybe even some local grocery stores if we are able to create partnerships with them! If you can go for multiple weeks in a row, your awards will become bigger and better! We figured that this could become possible if the university contributed to this healthy opportunity for everyone on campus to become PhilauPhit!

Tomorrow we will begin to finalize and polish all of the details that would make it possible for this app to be the next big thing!


Carolyn Peper- (FMM Junior)

Tabitha Porter- (graphic design  Junior)

Chris (sophomore health science)

Younte Le- ( grad student management and international business)

Conor Hanson- (Interior design sophomore)

Winter- (freshman, accounting)

aziz alturkestani- (freshman engineering)