Lets the Games Begin

The race for #1 started off with a bang! Or more like a slow shuffle to our team advisors, who were just as enthusiastic as us. After taking a short personality/work type quiz, our team was divided up into groups to create the most diverse teams, an excellent way to get different types of people working together. After getting the introductions out of the way, we were pleased to get started on the lectures to come, little did we know that they would really spark ideas once we regrouped. The Textile Materials and Occupational Therapy workshop talked about how different clothes and different materials bring different degrees of comfort to people and how textiles and occupational therapy techniques are working together to improve personal health. This sparked an idea in our minds of how we could use “smart” textiles to not only comfort patients but also possibly deliver information to doctors about different patient’s health. Personal Health in a Changing Climate, another workshop we attended, discussed one of the most dangerous nature catastrophes that has been happening for a while now. Our eyes were opened not only to how climate change is effecting nature but also to how it is affecting our personal health, the challenge is how can we get people to open their minds to make a change to this increasing world problem that close to everyone has experienced the effect of. Between meeting new people and learning new things, Novo team six had a great first day and we are ready for the fight to the end.

Team Members:

Shelby Montes de Oca, montesdeoca2887@mail.philau.edu, Junior, Graphic Design

Alana Thirsk, thirsk6141@mail.philau.edu, Junior, Industrial Design

James Laurie, jslaurie11@gmail.com, 3rd year, Architecture

Jim Dalton, dalton7587@mail.philau.edu, 2nd year grad student, Occupational Therapy

Tyler Stull, tstull23@gmail.com, 3rd year, Architecture

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