Ductus 7 Friday Blog Entry

Breanna and Jess’s experience (other members to share their experiences tomorrow and Sunday).

Breanna – The first day of Nexus Maximus was both hectic and exciting. The initial scramble of finding our team led to a relief in both the familiarity of some members and the interest in getting to know the others. After meeting with the team leaders we dove right in, and I can already say with confidence that our team has a great dynamic. We were able to share ideas and expand upon half-thoughts until we generated a list of a few great concepts. Once we separated to go to workshops it was interesting to again be thrown into the situation of relying on stranger and learning to work together quick for a common goal. I look forward to further developing our idea, meeting more students, and learning more through the workshops.

Jess- Nexus Maximus today was interesting. Our group got right into spewing out ideas from the start and we just kept building up on our one idea, which I really like right now. We split up and went to some workshops. I went to one about team builders that gave us some ideas how to work well with your group and reminded us that we all have to work together to get something done. I wish our whole group could have gone to this one to work together but it was fun to meet different people from other groups! We took a break and then reconvened to meet with the professors. Twas a good day, hopefully we will learn more in future lectures and they will help us for our design ideas!