Ductus 4 Day 2

Today our group met up in person and virtually collaborated in expanding our concept into more detail. We researched sites on medication usage and looked at reasons why patients would not take their medication, whether it be denial, bad memory, complications or just sloppy handling.

We also discussed data security and how patients should have access to see progress. We also discussed how to deal with side effects and how to possibly deal with situations without going to the physical nurse.

Our group focused a lot on how to make the patients feel comfortable taking the medication and understand the importance of taking it responsibly. We also talked about the technical possibilities of what options of devices could monitor the medicine taken. We focused a lot on how can we get the patient to want to take the medicine and get better. Within the diverse community of medication consumers, we had to think of all aspects from different cultural views to social systems, including the affordability of the product.

Overall our group has a good grasp of our concept and the direction that we are confident to go in to start to form our poster.

Some important sites we referenced were: http://www.healthaffairs.org/healthpolicybriefs/brief.php?brief_id=86 and http://www.med.nyu.edu/helpix/sites/default/files/helpix/medicationinstruction.jpg