Novo4 Day 2

We are Novo team 4!

Our group members are:

Abhishek Vichare, Graduate: Computer Science (Pace University)

Lauren Gargiulo, Graduate: Occupational Therapy (Philadelphia University)

Candice Johnson, Senior: Health Science (Philadelphia University)

Stephanie Yue, Junior: Industrial Design (Philadelphia University)

Emily Monath, Sophomore: Industrial Design (Philadelphia University)

Deb Wang, Freshman: Engineering (Philadelphia University)

Yanbing Chen, Freshman: Undecided (Philadelphia University)

Today, we discuss our products as well as for tomorrow’s division made preparations. We design our products logoimg_6187

This is a very hard process, we are waiting for our finished productsimg_6188

our logo img_6186 “AIRIE” it meaning  “airy”

The logo is awesome, and it’s easy to take and don’t need too much place.

Last night, each of us have done a lot of investigation, such as pressure, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, everybody try to do the best.img_6172img_6173


This is a challenging theme, doctors stress, our products, the insurance company accepted solution, we will try to do our best, even though we are tired, but we are trying to do.img_6177

We are constantly narrowing our view do not let them look confused, we have designed a number of charts and information.Tomorrow we will usher in a new day, tomorrow we can begin to prepare for the final work