Daily Blog Post

Creo Team 5 spent the day exploring all avenues of Nexus Maximus. We approached the problem with an open mind, making new discoveries through the series of lectures we each attended. At the end of the day, we came together and discussed which lectures made the greatest impacts and what inspired us the most. The common themes that came up each involved “direct patient informing” in various situations. From evacuation sirens, to better doctor/patient communication, to developing textiles with sensors to better suit impaired walkers. We finally settled on two potential hypothesis. The first pertaining to textile technology. Elderly patients and mobility impaired patients have trouble with simply getting around. In order to combat this, we discussed creating a system of notification when its time to “step up” or “step down”. Using a small discreet camera located in either the shoe itself or a watch, the camera would send a message to a watch or fitbit notifying the user that it’s time to step up or down and the watch would then vibrate. This would save potential falls to the elderly as well as make it easier to move around to those who have mobility issues. The second idea we played with is a kiosk where you can submit any symptoms you have and receive suggestions on which medicine is the best for you. This would save the patient from expensive doctor visits, or from miscommunication after leaving a check-up. These kiosks would be placed in consumer stores such as Wal-Mart or CVS where pharmacies are present so, if there are any questions, a pharmacist is available to help them. But if it’s busy, the customer can get in and get out by using the kiosk, getting all information they need, without needing a middle man. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss these problems in greater detail and develop one hypothesis as our official plan.


The highlights of our lectures included learning about climate control and the effects of climate on human changes. Also, learning about a kiosk in New Orleans that allows patients to learn how to live a healthy balanced life and maintain and nutritious diet. These lectures aided in the inspiring moments we had throughout the day which ultimately led to the discovery of our problem solutions.