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Day one of Nexus Maximus was definitely exciting because we found who we were going to be working so closely with for three days. We have an OT student, ID student, and an Interior design student as well as Architecture students working together. We approached the subject of personal health in a mental health perspective and decided to create a room with an interface to encourage relaxation and tranquility. We intend on researching audio, tactility, light, and even types of spaces to come up with a customizable space which can benefit everyone. We expect that this could be used at places with high stress levels and also for rehabilitation as well as hospitals. One of the workshops we went to clearly defined what it meant to be a team full of differences that lead to strength in every direction as compared to a team of the same qualifications. Another workshop illustrated the process to solving a problem and one thing we learned from it was that the first step which most people skip is inventory that is analyzing the problem at hand and your resources.