Novo 2 Day 1

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Who we are:

Janice Casey:

Molly Pace:

Mikko Haavisto:

Clay Helfrick:

Risha Patel:

Nicholas Spadaro:

Kristin Renda:

What we did:

We started out by discussing our availability for this weekend and how we could all get in touch if we could not meet in person. From there we decided who could attend workshops.

We met later the same night to go over some initial ideas. We began by coming up with problems that currently exist in healthcare in America as well as abroad. Some of our members attended workshops today and presented information they had learned to give us more ideas of problems that exist.

We narrowed down these ideas based on what we were most interested in researching, and what had the most potential for an innovative solution. For tomorrow we have two ideas we would like to present to group members who were unable to come tonight, and then receive feedback from faculty.

Tomorrow’s goals are to finalize what direction we would like to go in, and begin working on solutions. By tomorrow night or Sunday morning we will have our idea finalized so we can begin work on models and presentation boards.