Megul (Ductus 4)

Our group started by talking getting to know each other and talking about our fields. Ville started to talk about a problem he began to study about how people aren’t taking medicine on time and it is really effecting their health in Finland.

After hearing that we all decided that was the direction we wanted to go in. We started deciding what to do and focusing more on a physical product. . After a review with the professors we realized we needed to think less about a product and more conceptional. After a revision we decided this:

Problem: There is no way to know if patients are actually taking their medicine, if they’re taking it on time and if they’re consuming the right doses. Also, patients tend to not comply with their doctor’s instructions when data isn’t available to them either. 

Thesis: Taking blood analysis around time client should take medication can tell amount of medicine that was taken for that day. Client’s are more satisfied when they can see that the medication is working and are allowed access to their data. 

Megul comes from Megulator which was formed from Medicine Regulator

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