• September 30, 2019


We have arranged for busses to transport Nexus Maximus participants between our downtown Campus and our East Falls Campus.


Busses will depart from 1020 Locust Street (between 10th St. and 11th St. on Locust) on the following schedule:



  •  8:45AM Friday 10/11 (45 minutes later than originally scheduled)
  • 9AM Saturday 10/12
  • 9AM Sunday 10/13
  •  8AM Monday 10/14 (one hour earlier than originally scheduled for preparation)


Busses will return from the East Falls campus – 4201 Henry Avenue – Ram Statue Transit Stop to the downtown campus on the following schedule:


  • 6PM Friday 10/11
  • 6PM Saturday 10/12
  • 6PM Sunday 10/13
  • 2:30PM Monday 10/14


If you decide to vary your hours on campus, you are welcome to use UBER, LYFT or public transportation to move between campuses.