Ductus 3 (Day 3)

Our advisors essentially gave us the keys to go forward with our refined concept, so we spent all day today on figuring out the best way to communicate our idea to a viewing audience. In thinking about what we wanted to present, we came to the conclusion that because our idea is essentially a reconceptualization of the definition of a refugee camp, we should develop a board that shows the layout of the temporary society we were so keen on creating. Because we had worked so hard the previous day and got so far along in our concept, we decided to mentally decompress for most of the day and meet up in the mid-afternoon

Because we had worked so hard the previous day and got so far along in our concept, we decided to mentally decompress for most of the day and meet up in the mid-afternoon. Today was essentially a work session that was also a way for us to formalize our presentation language and go about the best way to approach the final board layout.  This was also a time to develop iconography for clear communication with the audience, and we implemented Chicago style citations in order to add legitimacy to our work. During so, we had a very enjoyable time eating Dunkin Donuts while we tirelessly toiled.

This paragraph is to answer the question prompt.

Every team member had a significant part in the overall success of the project, as we all came together and immediately started to bond over each other’s skill sets and love for our career paths. The work environment was very much informal, comfortable, but goal-oriented. It was a very interesting dynamic because we had four designers on our team with one occupational therapist. While the designers were coming up with a myriad of designs and ideas, the OT gave us a grounded and empathetic perspective that would add justifications or our design direction. We were very lucky to get that perspective. Every member of the group was willing and able to spitball ideas and let our ideas grow and blossom to an interconnected final concept. Also, our group shared an obvious passion for our concept with not only made the collaborative process more enjoyable, but it also made it more efficient in how we consolidated ideas into actionable goals for the project. And because the process was so efficient, we were able to work more quickly and have opportunities to rest and just enjoy each other’s company.


Ductus 9 Day 3

Today we refined our idea and worked on putting together our poster. By 8pm we were plotting. Throughout this project, we worked well together. Even though some people couldn’t be there all the time because they had other commitments, they always returned to campus promptly to continue working on the project. Meanwhile, others were able to go to the workshops. This worked out well as we were then able to reconvene and work out the details of what we were creating. We were able to divide the work so that everyone was doing what they were best at. The health science major did a lot of the research about what issues refugees were facing and what needs were not being met. The industrial design majors worked out the details of our design and did the renderings of it. The interior design major created the poster.  On the poster, the central element is our device in plan view. It shows the hot plate in the middle, surrounded by four solar panels. Around this, we have text talking about the need for our device. At the bottom of the poster we have renderings of the different ways the device can be configured. You could just use one solar panel, and take it with you as a light. There is a rendering of what the solar panels would look like laying out next to each other to charge. Then it shows four solar panels stacked under the hot plate, and finally, four of these stacks put together to allow for larger quantities of cooking. Overall, we worked well together and were able to finish this project to a degree that we are all proud of.

Ductus 8: Day 3

Day 3, the final work day for Ductus 8, has mainly been about refining and building our ideas into a tangible presentation. We divided up the work as best we could and slowly brought together the pieces to form a cohesive and (hopefully) successful innovation. The news and updates regarding the damage being caused by the hurricane in the south served as a sharp reminder of the bigger picture we were working toward. By the end of Sunday, we had generated a digital model and drawings of the box design, designed the graphics for the outside, done the research on the technological portion of the project, determined the sizes and final pricing on all the items in the box, hashed out the written description of the project, and finally brought all these pieces together – along with some additional visual context – to create our final board. Along the way, we changed the name of the product to “Hopebox”, which more directly corresponded with the deeper purpose of our project.

Regarding collaboration, we have been met with varying degrees of success depending on the day and circumstances. Friday embodied the best of this, as everyone was present and contributed many ideas, helping to critique and develop different concepts until we finally settled on the one we have. Saturday and Sunday each involved some group members having to be gone by necessity, which was unfortunate but not something that could be helped. Whenever we were able to connect in person, things went pretty smoothly; we did however have some trouble communicating effectively when separated. But overall, we managed to pull together the project and form some connections in the process, hopefully cumulating in a successful presentation tomorrow. Truth be told, I’m sure the greatest prize we could all receive for our hard work would be a nice, long, uninterrupted nap… *hint hint*

Ductus 2: Sunday

On the last day before the presentation today, we wrapped up all the information gathering, as well as concepts for what a working concept could look like. We also created our final board, and plotted it out for tomorrow’s presentations.

The task of this project was not just to create a solution to the problem that we were given, but also to collaborate effectively with other individuals that are in other disciplines. I believe that our group has definitely been able to draw from each of out experiences and fields of study to have an overall better solution. Within our group, we have an Industrial Designer, two Interior Designers, one individual studying OT and another studying Athletic Training. While our three designers were able to contribute  regarding things like finding research and applying it to a solution, our non design majors were able to help in a unique way as well. Our non design majors were able to give an angle to look at from a more medical or health based view, which has an effect on the direction that we took with our solution (being more focus on something that not only helps a problem, but also benefits the health of refugees). All of our members devoted as much time as they were able to for this project, and the overall final product definitely shows that.

As an overall experience, we all learned a bit more on how to work with people in a group that have different fields to pull from, and bring a unique perspective in on a solution to a problem.

Orior 2 Day 3

Does our team exemplify the characteristics of collaboration? That’s a wonderful question that we’re still asking ourselves. The easiest answer would be no. Of the five group members that we have, only two of them have done any work passed Day 1. Even to the point where when asked if those who would not be here could do the blog posts for our group, ended up not even doing so. This is the first blog post we’ve done because those who are working on the project finally had the time to check.


Collaboration means to work together, and at least two of us could exemplify that. The two Architecture students worked together for everything from research, to prototyping, to the implementation of the project. The idea was originally thought up from the whole of the group, so we hope that we’ve created something great.


When you feeling cute today.

Then realize your lives are as trash as your presentation is about to be.


Come check out our board tomorrow!


Creo 1, Final Poster!

Our concept is an app that facilitates immersive language learning by connecting refugees to one another as language learning partners, and to native-speaking tutors  for in-person conversational practice. Over the course of the weekend, our group worked to overcome language barriers of our own to complete this project, which ultimately inspired the whole thing.

Traditional language learning methods emphasize memorization of words and grammar rules, however new science is proving that an immersive approach – practicing in actual conversation – is necessary for mastery of a language. This App aims to bridge the gap between the methods that traditional language learning and actual fluency. In addition to helping refugees learn language skills, the app also helps them connect and build a community, and helps to integrate them with locals as well.

This service could be extremely helpful in countries with large refugee populations having a difficult time becoming assimilated into the local culture. By building a network of refugees and locals we can bridge the divide that occurs when two populations are made to share the same space.

While our goal was to create something that could benefit refugees, we strongly believe this idea has applications anywhere people want to learn a language.

Maximus Workimus

With design work, other class work, working for money and Nexus Maximus, Sunday felt like….

But nevertheless, we (most especially Larken) made time to bring our final product to fruition. It was very easy to communicate our issues and push forward with what we discussed.

Throughout the weekend, it was very easy to work as a team. Being only a group of 4, we instantly cliqued on the basis of being such a small group in comparison to other legion groups.  Before the first workshop even began, we managed to hash through ideas and come to a consensus on the issue we wanted to focus, that’s just how seamless the communication was between us. We had a great balance of staying focused and having some comic relief.

So maybe weren’t quite as close as this crew, but you get the idea…


When we were unable to meet face to face on Sunday, text messages and emails sufficed as a great way to get our final ideas and workload figured out. Larken showed great understanding when other team members were not able to assist in the finishing of the design and ideas and took the leadership role in producing the display image for the Nexus presentation. *whispers* I wish there was a Ductus 6 trophy to give Larken because…MVP.

This group was compiled of Jefferson students in a variety of schools within the university, and it was a fantastic experience being able to lend innovation to an often ignored idea among refugees and displaced individuals.  We are excited to discuss our story of offering dignity and a sense of owning and home to the Nexus panel at the presentation tomorrow.

Ducuts 5 Day 3

After narrowing down our focus and defining our project objectives yesterday, day 3 was really about designing our board layout. The feedback we received on day 2 was that we really need to emphasize the narrative of our project. The way that we decided to do this was to split our board up between information and narrative. In order to display how our proposed solution would we, we created two personas of Syrian refugees.

The refugees are a husband and wife. The husband, Ali, was a baker, while his wife Suzanne was a stay at home mom. Due to the war, the couple had to flee Syria and was placed by the UNHCR in Sydney, Australia. The couple, after learning about our company from the UNHCR, decided to apply. Our organization took their application and saw that they were skilled bakers. Our company recognized the need for bakers in Perth, Australia, and had them relocated. Here, the couple will learn about eastern sweets and continue to train and work in their known profession. We decided that this narrative was the most convincing way to describe our solution to the refugee problem. To further support this, our board also has statistics and quotes to emphasize our project’s feasibility.

As a group, I would say that we are very pleased with the outcome of our project. Since day one, everyone got behind one idea that we all agreed could work and we put all of our energy into this idea. While our schedules varied, everyone dedicated the time that they could into the project. We divided up research, graphics, and lectures and continuously came together to share our findings and work through problems that we ran into. We set goals for ourselves so our time working together was spent efficiently. One of the best parts about our team is that everyone had an equal voice. We all contributed ideas that really defined the final product.






Novo 3 Day 3

We have reached the final day of working and preparing together as team, and its been our most productive day yet. Right from the start, we were set on our product and how we were going to sell it. We checked in with two advisers throughout the morning to ensure that we were staying on track and maintaining a clear direction. More than ever, it seems that we really connected today and exemplified the characteristics of collaboration. This morning everyone showed up at our agreed time of 10 am. We divided the work amongst one another to finalize our research in terms of materials, cost, sourcing, and location for our product. Once we had all our research and ideas up on the board, our vision became much clearer and we were better able to bring together a direct proposal. From there on, we divided the tasks based on our skills so that each member made a significant contribution. Half the team focused on our product prototype while the other focus on ensuring that the poster and presentation were both done in time. Looking back at where we were day one and what we accomplished in this short amount of time, we’re proud of how much work we were able to get done. We went from no ideas, to a very messy whiteboard of ideas, to now an actual product. It was a very rewarding moment when our advisor acknowledged that and mentioned to us that we had really come a long way since the beginning of Nexus Maximus. 

Novo 5: day 3

After a restful night, the team continued to explore the ideas we all had gained from the various workshops we attended over the past two days. We began with going over all the ideas that each one of us collected from each workshop on a shared google document. We continued to explore the two step process. The first step being opening a survival kit to send coordinates with the second step to press another trigger if help was needed immediately. We researched tracking devices that could be used with our product, while simultaneously working on the contents of the kit.

Every idea was considered and debated upon throughout the discussion. Initially we decided to create our own survival kit, however researched revealed that such a kit already existed. Thus, we decided to improve the already existing kit. After hours of contemplation and research, we realized that a one-step process would be a more practical solution.

Time and again, we gained assistance from our advisor. He enabled us to get an outside perspective about our product. Finding answers to his questions helped us streamlined the idea. The best part was that every team member persevered and did not give up on the idea. We even discussed the project over food.

Our final product is the Emergency Tracker, a box consisting of emergency supplies and a tracker. When the box is opened, the tracker gets activated and sends the location of the box to the first responders, who then send necesary help. Finally, the design team started working on the poster for Emergency Tracker.


Orior 7 Daily Post Sunday

Narrowing down all of our ideas and our information, we continued the board today. We divided the work by some people writing, another working on the board on InDesign, and another still doing more research for the written aspect of it. This way we created a mock-up website for INTGRT, a non-profit organization that has the goal of resettling refugees into a small scale community with opportunities of education, employment, and housing.


Through this process of each working on something different and then putting it together, we realized that maybe the bullet points that one was writing were too long for the way the board was being organized, which led to back and forth between the processes, but we did learn from it.


Being extremely tedious (in a good way) with the board, we took our time and were meticulous to the point were we were content with the final result.

The board making process was probably the most time consuming one of the entire project. This is since for the brainstorming we could all contribute and all talk or research, however for the board, only one person could work on it at a time and the others would have to work on either the wording and have it ready, or the visuals but the work would still remain for one person to make in one computer (which extremely slowed us down).

Ductus 10-Day 3- Summary

Today we met and finished laying out our board and discussed our presentation before we met with our advisors. We decided what were the most important parts of the board and made those more prominent parts larger so they become the focal point. We also met with our advisors and showed them the layout of our board. After speaking with the advisors, they gave us some pointers and we changed our board to focus more on the product and have a better layout. For our presentation, we decided to split it up into two presenters, the first one talking about the product design and why we need it, and the second one will discuss why our product is different from the other products already on the market, making it more appealing. Nexus Maximus Board Layout-Final

Nexus maximus 2017 Creo 1, Day 3

Hoy nos reunimos como legión en nuestra sala favorita, la sala 222. Ya que es naturalmente iluminada y tiene una vista que nos ayuda con la imaginación.

Nivi llegó de las primeras, donde estaba esperando a Victoria, pero se quedó dormida y llegó al rato!.

Desayunamos fruta, bagels, muffins y café, donde se unió Sarah, y nos fuimos a poner manos a la obra!

Llegó Mohit, Amar yVenla, comenzamos a trabajar y a estructurar nuestro proyecto.

Creamos un nombre y logo universal, el cual todos pudieran entender, donde todos estuvimos de acuerdo y así el usuario de nuestro proyecto también pudiera entender.

Nuestro mayor problema al trabajar juntos es que todos tenemos acentos diferentes, por lo cual se transforma en una barrera al momento de comunicar nuestras ideas, pero con paciencia y organizándonos bien podemos lograr un buen trabajo.

Al terminar el workshop de las 2 pm, solo quedó Nivi y Victoria, quienes siguieron avanzando, ya que los demás tenían mucho trabajo de otras asignaturas.

A las 5 pm realizamos un check point, tuvimos un resultado negativo, pero vamos a mejorar el proyecto y presentarlo mañana con la mejor expectativa.


Que tengan un buen día


Day 3 – Creo3 September 10th, 2017

Today was a workday to the finishing line, we all team members discussed to the final idea to post on poster and started working on poster. We also had one session for guidance and knowing about How to compose poster for final workshop. Moreover, we discussed with the team member and came up to the idea of presentation and brainstorming more on the topic as extra information. Also, we design the layout and theme for the poster presentation. Everything was discussed and it as all team work with equal efforts and contribution. Also, we had good communication between all team members. Thus, we buck up with ideas and plot everything and the idea in the final poster presentation. Yeah we ready to present !!!

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