Innovo Day 3

We decided that the problem we are trying to solve is that children have a very difficult time understanding information about their health. The goal of this game was to help educate children on how to become more proactive in their health-mentally, physically and emotionally.  We do this by engaging...
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Day 3 – Orior 6

We approach the last day with a great sense of purpose as we finalize our designs for our project. Upon meeting with our group earlier in the day, we focused the targeted demographic to individuals with diabetes as it has one the highest prevalence among patients visiting the emergency room....
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Ductus3 Sunday Blog

Our group decided to meet this morning to go over any additional thoughts and ideas we thought of the night before. This kind of turned out to be an everyday routine for us because it was a good brainstorming activity and good collection of ideas we have no previously mentioned....
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Collaboratus 1 (AKA Number 1!) day 3

Collaboratus 1 is still on a roll. We has another great day together. During the morning we wrapped our final thoughts to present at 16 o’clock. Later we attended the lectures to get some more good information on how to present our idea. Good tips and info were applied to...
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Orior 3 day 3

Today, we constructed the poster in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.  We also had a new team member, Bashir Aljaramiz, join up today.  We composed mock-ups for the design of the service app.  We spent time thinking about how to present the information and what the user interface would look like...
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Orior 1 Day 3

When our group met up today, we worked on finishing up the slides that demoed how our website idea would work. We also changed our original thought of how we were going to present our idea. Under each of our images, which we placed on the board, we wrote a...
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Orior 3 team info

Eero Linna,, Bioinformation Technology, 4th year Bashir Aljaramiz, Major: Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year Bob Lawson,, Industrial Design, 2nd year Erica Blair , Industrial Design, 3rd Year

Ductus 8, Days 1 and 2

Day 1: Team Members: Greg Dawson (, Accounting, First Year Student Salwa Rasheed (, Textile Design, Graduate Student Shweta Pant (, Surface Imaging, Graduate Student Anna Kuriakose (, Physician Assistant, Third Year Student Gabby Karlis (, Industrial Design, Third Year Student Sarah, Interior Architecture, Graduate Student   Summary: Today we...
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The Countdown Continues

  We started our morning doing research on depression, health problems in office environments and the links between mental and physical health. We found that mental and physical health were linked, and that many health problems are caused by depression and that depression causes many health problems. Many of the...
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Collaboratus 2 Day 2

The second day at Nexus Maximus the group started presenting the our home research, we found that we wanted to make a product or service that could benefit people who did not have access to healthcare plans. The main frase of the day was “Leveling the playing field” in terms...
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Orior 3 day 2

We originally had an idea of having a service where people can find information about side effects of medicine and look for alternative treatments. After we talked with Mike Leonard we realized that they were two different problems and so we decided to change the topic. Our new problem is...
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Novo Group 3 Contact Information

Matthew Cuccurese Industrial Design (631)-848-0771   Sam Horochowski Architecture (301)-331-5427   Nick Austin Computer Science (347)-445-7840   Ana Ferreira Architecture (267)-437-8214   Julie Binder Occupational Therapy (302)-299-0778

Novo 2 Day 2

We started day 2 by selecting between two potential areas of focus. We were interested in both tracking your own health records and managing the eight hour workday better. After doing a white board analysis on what we could do, alleviating health issues related to work seemed like a more...
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Collaboratus 5 Day-2

Day 2 – Nexus Maximus III After an exciting commencement to Nexus Maximus III, we were all eager to witness the events of day two. The second day had many workshops in the store for us to attend and learn from the exceptional delivery. Our day began with a seminar...
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