summary of the third day

On the third day of Nexus Maximus we worked on developing our concept of civility. We worked on the power point presentation for the next day. Later on, we got some feedback from professors on the presentation to clarify some slides. We started again brainstorming on the organizing of the presentation, pictures and title. Our final concept of civility was the Naked Market to produce a naked future of human-induced materials such as: plastic wrapping and inorganic food. Our system also works to achieve the circular economy concept of recycling all our resources. We are serving customers, farmers and the whole economy. Through this process we will save resources for future generations with a hundred percent zero plastic products. By blocking plastic from reaching the future we will decrease the climate change, global warming and filling our seas and oceans with plastic which is destroying sea creatures’ ecosystem. The naked market will convert food waste to new products, cheap products for local citizens, zero plastic wrapping products and raise the awareness of the plastic danger to achieve civility for the future generations. Finally we made our last edit on the presentation and wrote a script that explains our whole concept about how are we achieving civility through our Naked Market store. After that, we installed the presentation on the flash drive to be printed for the final presentation tomorrow.
Note: Hannah was trying to write with both hands like the Indian guy.