Team 20 – Day 2

During the second day of the event today, We decided that our original plan of educating the future generation was considered to be a really big task and it requires more than just the 3 days that we are given. We then went back to the drawing board and decided again what was good for us. A problem in which was big and in need of care at the moment and we care deeply about. We didnt realized, we didnt think that we were standing right in the middle of our own topic, we completely disregarded the place that we spent most of our days in, the cyberspace.

the cyber space is a lawless environment in which fuels freedom of communication, however it has invited some many different kind of people into the mix. There are people that are people online who believe in so many different things and likes to fight for their opinion to be the right one as well as people who by harmful intent likes to harass other people. so today we created at program as a part of our project, in which guard the internet form some its harmful opponent. it is a silent protector standing in the background while we live our life. providing the safety net of the internet and giving the future of internet a safer future. they want a more safe internet. we are the more safe internet.