Team 15 Day 2 Summary

Day two began with an informative presentation from Piotr Palka who effectively explained how buildings and the areas around them create positive relationships. She included within her presentation examples from around the world including Copenhagen and Rotterdam, with reference to Danish architect, Jan Gehl who focuses on how streets can cause people to interact with each other and utilise outdoor space.

Moving on, we listened to Dean Leonard’s thoughts on what ‘Civility’ means to him, which was followed by an open mic session which gave an insight on what Nexus Maximus participants think of this same idea, which was interesting as everybody has different views.

We then moved upstairs and completed interactive activities with Tiina Tuulos, who explained the importance of ideation exercises which got us thinking deeper about our groups unique thoughts on how to maximise civility. Using the information from this session and the work we completed yesterday this helped us to compile our ideas into a more focused notion of how we would implement our solutions to tackle our issue of the lack of community involvement and loneliness within urban areas and cities.

After brainstorming and consolidating all of our issues and mitigation measures, we aim to tackle the lack of community development by implementing the idea of a unique space within an urban area that is possibly derelict and run down, with no current physical use that can be turned into a place which will enable people to use their artistic skills as a means to an end and an end in itself to create civility through community development.