Team 12 Day 1 Summary & Team 12 Day 1 Photos

The first day for team 12 was focused on refining exactly what civility means to each team member. We found through brainstorming and extensive thinking that our definitions of civility, while they were different because of our different upbringings, nationalities, and lives, civility did have some common features for all of us. From there, we went on to begin planning a proposal to change civility in society in some way. We determined three key areas where civility plays a vital role, education, social media, and the workplace. Each of these places has a characteristic that can be changed through changing civility. One area, in particular, education, is something we thought deeply about. Education spans beyond the classroom, starting with your parents growing up. But, the place where civility starts to play a key role is as early as preschool and your first years of school. This is where all precedents are set for how kids behave, and their views on civility are molded. Another important area for civility in the workplace. The standards set are usually in long legal documents that no employee wants to read. One possible proposal to help all areas with civility we have is the creation of a civility campaign that would span across multiple industries. This could include informational video talks, lecture series’, a physical set of rules that are written for each industry, workplace, or education place, and forums to establish what civility is in order to exhibit civility in the role you play.