Team 7 Day 3 Summary

Unlike any other days, we felt like it was a productive day since we had a concrete plan ready to be presented and finally be able to vision of tying our final product together in more clear and concise manner. Today, our team members attended two workshops that were useful to our project which were “Lighting my fire: Crafting the effective elevator pitch” by Kevin James and “How to Compose Your Poster” by Susan Frostén. When we were preparing to create our posters and trying to present our ideas to faculty members for review, we did not thought that it would be that tough as we faced it in reality. These workshops gave us a clue to resolve our problems. It was a great practical exercise and a reality situation experience of tackling obstacles effectively. These workshops gave us an idea about how to present our ideas as well putting our ideas together.

It was great to know the process of detailing and delivering a new idea proposal. Our team worked hard constantly trying to gather necessary research data and tools in order to finalize our product that we will be presenting on the final day. It felt great to work as a team and also working for a cause that would be useful to the community if applied in the future. Lastly, the questionnaire part by faculty members at the end of the day about our project was an excellent way to find out the missing parts to our puzzle. It was indeed a very productive day of all the days we had been here in this event. As we were getting closer and closer to put our new ideas together for a good social cause about making this community living a healthier lifestyle, it made us feel great by working as a team and be part of the Nexus Maximus 2018 whose motto is to improve lives through healthy communities.