Hey Guys, first of all, we all seemed to pull off the “gel together” thing well! lol

-Irene: Your work ethic and dedication to the team really showed throughout the whole weekend (like when you stuck around until you literally had to go because your cousin was there! (sorry!!)).                   We could NOT have done the poster without you.

-Chelsea: YOU GOT SICK! AND YOU STILL PUSHED THROUGH! You really helped keep us (and the project) on track (especially considering our constant digressions!). Keep it real!

-Victor: A man of ideas… and cold hard green-roof facts! Your multi-faceted approach to tackling the green-roof problem lead us to our latest (and greatest) iteration of the solution!

-Koffi: Your experience from your former internships regarding how to market the green-roof concept was invaluable in keeping our mission short, sweet, and simple.

-Vanessa: The ultimate slack coordinator! Your feedback, photo coordination for the blogs, and initial poster design helped shape the project!


All in all, I had a great time bonding with you guys- it’s been an experience that I certainly won’t forget. Best of luck presenting tomorrow!!!