Novo 7 day 3

In days 3 we came up with final idea

Whenever someone starts garden, it is hard to utilize limited space. To solve this problem we came up with this idea to maximize given space. Based on calculation we can maximize the space up to 10 times. We are going to plant crops in each cars of vertical elevator or ferris wheel to maximize space. The fund we need will be gathered by crowd funding and sponsorships from corporations. Name of people and organization who helped to constructed this will be engraved on the structure.

We will grow crops which are easy to grow in limited space. Potato, strawberry, lettuce and tomato will be planted in each cars separately. Waters will be distributed to each cars by water hoses which are connected to water source. By making each cars by transparent window like materials lights will go through cars. All systems will be powered by solar panels planted on structures.

Beside its original purpose as a community garden, our elevating garden can have other benefits. It could become a landmark of area so that it can attract people from outside. Personal shops could be set up on the spots. In the end elevating garden can help community not only in food side but also in many other ways.

For last we came up with the mission statement

Mission Statement:

Elevating Garden is an innovative design to bring organic produce to urban communities that lack access to such foods. This community garden will supply healthy nutritious options in a limited amount of space to communities, increasing their social participation, academic success, and their overall health and well-being. It will be aesthetically pleasing to the community while adding a green space to increase one’s perceived mental health status. This will provide minimal cost to the community itself and increase visitors from outside areas that can increase the communities revenue. Overall elevating garden not only supplies nutritious and organic produce, but elevates the community as a whole.