Novo 6 Day 3

The day began with the team meeting in the morning to finalize our project. After the feedback we received yesterday, the team decided it was best to change the name of our safe mobile house. While, a few team members attended the last two workshops, the rest of the team brainstormed name ideas. After considered multiple names, we decided to call our safe house business “Estuary: Mobile Support Services.” Next, we adjusted and extended on the details. After doing more research, we reviewed the risks of our support service, such as having long waiting periods for individuals needing help, and brainstormed ways to reduce these risks. We also decided on a route that the Estuary vehicle would take seven days a week. In turn, our evaluation was successful, and received great feedback. After adding a few details, it was time to design the poster. A team member created a logo for our company name, and another team member designed a rough draft of the mobile safe house. We decided to include colors, such as blue, white, and yellow to signify the security of Estuary, and to create a calm environment. Finally, we planned a pitch. With only one minute to talk about our project, we made sure the pitch was clear, but concise. The team is ready for presentations!