Ductus 8- Day 3

Today our group gathered at 1 p.m. We started our day by attending the two workshops “Lighting my fire: Crafting the effective elevator pitch” and “How to Compose Your Poster” so that we can prepare for the presentation tomorrow. We learned about how to effectively and quickly deliver our idea and how we should design our poster. From the lectures, we could grasp a general overview of how our poster would be like. After then the group gathered and discussed the research we had done last night and this morning. We also talked about what we learned during the workshops and how we would implement that information for our project. Based on the results and discussions, we decided to distribute the works that we should do- and we worked on each part of the poster. We planned for our presentation and practiced our presentations for tomorrow. The group had a faculty meeting- we had the feedback that our general idea is very good but we need to work on the balance of additional and main service and develop further services later on such as giving a discount as people workout by giving running quota. We were glad that the faculty sees our project positively so we gained a power to keep working. After getting the feedback, we divided and figured out who would present tomorrow and decided the rest would work on the poster. We are currently working on the presentation and finalizing our poster. We can’t wait to present tomorrow!