day 3 orior 6

Today we really kicked things up into gear. We focused on getting the poster together. Our time was really dwindling so we took a look at what we learned at today’s workshop. The workshop today was about giving the perfect elevator pitch. An elevator pitch being, a persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what your organization does. Understanding that and using the work sheet we narrowed our topic down very easily. This year, with nexus Maximus having assigned us the challenge of improving lives through healthy communities. We have decided to tackle substance abuse in Lower North Philadelphia by eliminating the stigma around mental health in low income communities. By preventing drug usage in teen and young adult mental awareness, we can combat issues like suicide and the opioid epidemic. In order to make this happen we will need the cooperation of school district officials, teachers and other economic stakeholders. We face competition from anti-drug organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, narcotics anonymous and governmental opioid antidote distribution cites. Our team consists of biology, psychology and sustainable development majors that can all contribute to the project through personal experience with low-income communities and teen mental health. By coordinating with teachers and psychology or education majors from nearby universities at nearly no cost, schools can orchestrate mandatory group counseling sessions in Philadelphia schools. In order to expand our project we must collaborate with the school district to organize time periods for counseling circles. We have to organize a panel of students between ages 15-25 of different backgrounds to help establish regulations, curriculum, give feedback, etc.