Day 3 Creo7

Today our team streamlined our project. With continued focus on research, statistics and design of warehouse in relation to the tunnel, we finalized data for presentation. We attended workshops on pitch design and poster design which helped us organizing and name our project. We also began finding pictures and graphics to create the poster including: cars, building, bikes, buses, trees, and vans.
Color and design were imperative in the final poster product. Skyline graphics and icons were color-coordinated for visual effects. Keeping the design simple, yet eye-catching and informative was the priority.

Also, during the meeting with the faculty they provided us with advice in simplifying text and how to present the pitch efficiently. This was not as complicated as originally thought.

One thing must be said, our team has gelled surprisingly well considering the context of the weekend. Based on our strengths and challenges from day one, we continue to refer back to these as we work through our tasks. This is done non-verbally. When one is not able to attend, they work remotely and check in periodically. Even though some have more strengths than others, there are no judgement and team members are always made to feel equally important.

In conclusion, with this most amazing gathering of team members, we reflect on our team together and realize that we may not see each other again. Although, we hope we may meet again in the future…