Team 7 day 2 Summary

During the workshop, we learned several basic goals for our project such as identifying problems with our project including the cultural, knowledge, and access  aspects.Also, we learned about how to do inquiry with customers using observation and conversation techniques as well as using empathy. In addition, there were relevant lectures regarding seriousness of gentrification in Philadelphia and sources for collecting data.

Today, our team came up with specific ideas following the feedback from faculty members that we met with yesterday. Our research has led us to believe that the best solution is to connect Lower North Philadelphia with nearby Temple University by providing the residents with educational opportunities on healthier lifestyle habits. We can do this by promoting nutritional and physical wellness. The name of our non-profit organization will be Wellness Begins Here (WBH).

This organization could become a pilot program of the Philadelphia 2035 since it can help facilitate the expansion of health facilities. Our base for the operation would be in Temple University or in a Church as an alternative. There would be two classes for two hours dealing with nutrition and physical education every Saturday, targeting adults in the district we have been assigned. For children, the experts could visit schools to teach them about healthy nutritional habits. There would be cooking classes twice a month to educate the residents about well-balanced nutrition meal.Last but not the least, it was another productive day that strengthened our teamwork. Overall, we have a tentative plan that can improve the health conditions of Lower North Philadelphia.