Orior2 day 3

For day three of Nexuss Maximus, our group worked on our poster. We first planned it out on the white board in DEC room 215. We played around with the layout to find the best way to convey our ideas and information in a neat and coherent manner. We had a lot of information and research, so simplifying and condensing it was difficult. We only have so much room on our poster. Making sure everything fit without looking cluttered was also difficult. We had to manipulate and change the ascetics multiple times. As we began to design our poster, we had sent a group member to the 2:00 workshop about the posters. This was beneficial in giving us the basic Do’s and Don’ts to compose a better poster. From the information we got from the lecture, we ended up changing some of our bulleted statistics into a pie chart to add color and more room. We also tried to add more images to break up our bullets. This helped to avoid having long paragraphs that are unappealing to look at. We also used different colors and sizes of headings to break up our topics in an organized way. Overall the poster came out nicely and we are happy with our project.