Orior 3 Day 3

It’s the final stretch!


Luckily, since we started outlining our poster design yesterday, today went very smoothly. Our poster went through numerous design changes during the day – including color choice, picture selection, and overall layout. These changes were influenced by the Poster Designing Workshop. Ultimately, we reached a final product that was both visually pleasing and informative.


In addition, we were able to create an interactive computer program as well, which would enable the judges of our poster to dive deeper into our mobile kitchen concept. They would be able to get a better idea of the logistics that make our dream possible. This took a long time to design in terms of functionality and content, but will hopefully allow us to stand out from the other groups. In the program, we have options for:

  • Meeting locals
  • Typical street view
  • Better Philly
  • Funding and sponsors


Despite working together remotely, we were able to clearly communicate our opinions and ideas. The design process went smoothly, without any conflicting ideas. Our group was focused on efficiency above all. We kept each other updated on changes to the poster, and gave constructive feedback throughout.


Tomorrow, we hope to show the judges the hard work we have put in the past few days. Hopefully, we can get our numerous ideas across in an efficient manner, and grab the judges’ attention with our use of visuals and interactive elements. We will only have 2 of our members at the presentation, but since we all maintained communication, they are well prepared.